Dear Crumbs, I’m Over You

Crumbs cupcakes was a discovery of mine a few years ago (alright so the rest of the world had probably already discovered them prior to). I have purchased cupcakes from there many a times, once even a birthday cupcake costing me a whopping $75 to feed 5. My favorite was the chunky monkey cupcake (I might be wrong in its exact wording but the the word “monkey” was definitely in there). Since then they’ve discontinued that flavor, go figure! It’s been awhile since I tried them recently (about a year or so) so I took my friend (after having bragged about how amazing it was) there yesterday. Well we got to eating a cupcake, a brownie & I got to eat my words too! Wow, it sucked!!! I had the Blackbottom Cheesecake Brownie cupcake, what a total fail! 

photo courtesy of Crumbs

The cupcake was DRY, and that alone is sufficient reasoning for not liking it, but there is more. The cheesecake, whatever little bit was in there, was a typical frozen cheesecake like taste. The icing was a sugary icing and it literally tasted like melted sugar; gross! My friend’s brownie was hard as a rock, and had the same icing as mine. So in essence we ate the EXACT same item, in two different shapes & prices. Really creative! If this was my first Crumbs disappointment, I’d let it slide. But unfortunately, I’ve already had a “I’ll let it go” moment with Crumbs once before. I never told anyone because I wanted to assume that it was a fluke. Now I’m thinking maybe not so much!

Now it’s possible that perhaps, it’s the Westfield, NJ location that has gone downhill. I remember the NY location as being good. But now after two misses, I don’t think I’ll be venturing into any Crumbs location anytime soon. So I’m in the market for a new cupcake joint in the Jersey area (one close to home). If you’ve got suggestions, please share below! As for Crumbs, I’m over you.

To all the cupcake lovers, Yummy Eatings (elsewhere)!

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