Veneiro’s, Best Pastry Shop in NYC

When you walk into a pastry shop that’s buzzing with locals, you know you’ve come to a good spot! That’s what you see when you enter Veneiro’s in New York City’s East Village. Established in 1894, Veneiro’s is an Italian pastry shop that will have you going gaga over the plethora of dessert options. From cheesecakes, layered cakes, cookies, canolis, chocolate covered strawberries, tarts, and all things in between, there is something for every taste buds! And it doesn’t stop at pastries, they have a whole gelato menu & a nice selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

With the option of dinning in (I’ve done it thrice) and taking out (done that once), there’s no excuse for why you can’t grab some dessert for now or later.

My staple at Veneiro’s is the tiramisu. I love love love it! Recently I’ve added the millefoglie on my list of must eats. Both have a soft creme and fluffy texture mixed with the perfect balance of “sweet but not too sweet” taste; it hits the spot every time!

Don’t be shy, stop by Veneiro’s next time you’re in the city!

Yummy Eatings! 

Veneiro’s | 342 E.11th St. NY, NY | 212.674.7070

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