Best Cupcake… in Pennsylvania?

I know, I keep yapping about cupcakes lately. But I just tried a new cupcake today and it was FABULOUS! Who would’ve thought in the midst of Pennsylvania in a little town called Newtown. I was introduced to Felix’s Caketeria today and the store was just closing and we were greeted by two very flaky teenagers (hey, calling it like I see it) who insisted on giving away a box of chocolate salty caramel & carrot cake cupcakes. After some confusion (and stupidity on their parts), we walked away with 18 cupcakes for $25 — yea, it was a steal! Don’t get overly excited. In reality, each cupcake costs $3. They had a menu of about 10 different flavors, but with them closing down (two hours early.. we’re assuming its because they sold out of their popular flavors), we didn’t get to try any of the other ones.

Despite having only two flavors, just looking at the cupcakes I could tell these were incredibly MOIST! And there’s nothing worse than DRY cupcakes! So I was already sold on the look of ’em, but when I finally got to try them, YUMMY! Absolute heaven in your mouth. The moisture of the cakes are unbelievable, the frosting is light and airy, just lovely!

So, if you’re ever in Newtown, PA, head over to Felix’s Caketeria for so yummylicious cupcakes — hopefully you’ll get to try some of the other flavors! By the way, they do make regular, specialty and wedding cakes as well. Something for everyone’s palate!

Yummy Eatings!

Felix’s Caketeria | 5 West Washington Avenue | Newtown, PA 18940 | 215.860.2444 |

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